Pitfalls of using cross- country interstate movers

A cross-country move can be a nightmare. It is a lot more challenging than local moves. You need to consider things that you didn’t in the case of local moves. You go through lots of emotional stress as well when you move to another state or country. Unlike local moves, now you have to plan for a move of hundreds or thousands of miles. You can either drive and move your goods or find good interstate movers who are qualified and experienced. You should make sure that they serve the area you are moving to. There are many pitfalls of using cross-country interstate movers.

Moving regulations

road-traffic-car-businessAs interstate moving means moving across state lines, moving regulations may change. In the case of interstate moves, you need to stay on the road for a longer time. So, more risk is involved. Different types of Federal regulations apply to cross country movers. The moving company must be aware of the rules and regulations of the state it is moving to. Otherwise, you might get into trouble. The instate movers should have sufficient insurance. They should have Cargo Insurance Policy. You should ensure that the moving company is registered with the appropriate authority that allows the company to carry out the interstate moving job. In the US, a DOT number is provided by the US Department of Transportation to movers who meet some financial criteria and safety standards. It can be a challenge to find a company that meets all these criteria.

Rushing at the task

startup-photosYou need careful planning before you decide whether to hire an interstate moving company. Many companies will declare that they are experienced, but you must take time and do your research about that company.   You should get multiple bids and be flexible on dates. When you look for interstate moving companies, you may not get one when you need them. They might already be booked. So, you should plan your move according to their schedule.    This can be a hassle as you will have to adjust your work hours and your children’s school time as well. The day of moving is not under your control.

Transportation and other costs

The prices of gas are rising every time. You should know the true cost of truck rentals before decide whether to hire an interstate moving company. The base cost of interstate moving companies can be high. Overall, it might be very expensive to hire an interstate moving company

Insufficient logistical support

5346967816_4be7c63ac2_bThe interstate moving companies may not have the required truck, loading equipment or human resources to make such a long distance move. Not all companies who claim to have full resource have them. So, you might lose your stuff on the way, or they might get damaged due to improper handling. Your belongings may not reach on time. So, you might reach to your new place long before your staffs arrive. Most companies don’t have tracking systems, so you cannot track your goods as well.

Considering all these pitfalls, it’s better to consider shipping option for moving interstate. That way, you simply pack your staff and ship it. Once you move to your new place, you can unpack it. It’s much hassle free than hiring a moving company.