Packing and preparation tips for house moving

Relocation is a very stressful experience. There are various things to do before you relocate. You should first prepare in advance for the move so that everything goes on smoothly. Here are some tips that can help you.

Declutter your stuff

15579589502_7326acf597_bIf you don’t declutter your belongings beforehand, you may need to hire people to do the job. The worst part will be to throw away many kinds of stuff that you find after decluttering and paying someone to do the task. You should plan to declutter your house at least two weeks before you decide to move. You must clear things from everywhere possible, including spare rooms, under the stairs, the loft, garden, etc. You will be surprised to see how many hidden things are there and have been accumulating over many years without any use.

Decide where your furniture will go

You should have a mental picture of where you want to place your furniture in the new house. You must have know the layout and dimensions of each room of the new house so that you can work out what will fit and what won’t. If something doesn’t fit the room, then you should sell them or dump them.

Decide whether to hire a removals company

You can hire a van if the amount of furniture is less or if you live on the ground floor or first floor. Otherwise, you should hire a removals company. A removals company can take off the physical and mental stress off you and do everything. You should get a quote of a number of removal companies and take recommendations before deciding which company to hire.

Packing your move

3620141192_3837e8a3dd_bYou should buy high-quality packing materials that include boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc. You should put layers of crumpled paper to prevent each item from scratching. You should spread the heavy items out in between boxes. You should use a marker to label each box to identify what contents are in the box and which is the right way to open the boxes. You can find moving items kits online. If you hire a removals company, then they can also do the packing for you with an extra charge. Packing takes time, so you should start packing early. Start packing one room at a time and start with the room you least need. Make sure you don’t put more than 30 pounds in one box. You should fill the empty gaps in boxes.  The heavier items must be put on the bottom. The hazardous and fragile materials must be dealt with care. If you have to carry hazardous materials like boxes of paint, pesticides, etc. then you must read the instructions for handling these items. Most moving companies don’t transport hazardous materials. Even if they do transport, you need to get a special permit.

It is advisable to place each type of item in a different box. It makes the task of unpacking and arranging easy. You should shut the boxes as tight as possible and leave no gap inside the boxes so that the items inside don’t move. This will reduce damage. If you have the budget, it is better to hire a removals company for the job, as they are experienced and knows how to handle this kind of job best.